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Zombie Line Study Art Print

Up next in our latest addition to the Halloween Line Study series is this adorable, not so spooky, Zombie!  Grab the free printable and your favorite sketching supplies and use your creativity to whip up this Zombie Line Study Art Print.


Zombie Line Study Art Print


To get started, gather up a few basic supplies.  I recommend printing the free printable template out onto heavy weight paper or white cardstock.  However, regular printer paper will work too if that’s what you have on hand.  


While optional, you may also want to grab a piece of colored construction paper to use as a border for your finished art project, as well as a glue stick and some crayons (or colored pencils, markers, etc). 



After gathering up your supplies and printing out your template, begin filling in your zombie by working on one small section at a time.  


While our final project uses only straight lines in alternating directions, we did play around with different line shapes and textures as well.



The key here is to just have fun with it and get creative.  Feel free to use simple lines, waves, shapes, bubbles, etc.  This is a great project for people who love to doodle!



If you want, after finishing each of the sections of your zombie, grab your crayons and begin coloring in your zombie to give him some extra life.  Of course, this is completely optional.  Make him yours!


When you’re done, carefully cut away the excess border and glue your finished zombie onto the extra piece of cardstock, framing your art. 



And that’s it! Allow him to dry and your zombie is complete!  



Ready to create your own?  Click the button below to get started.

Dell Plakas-Kaiser

Tuesday 5th of October 2021


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