Forever Calendar Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a new calendar to start off the school year?  Whether you’re looking for a full-year calendar or only a few months, grab these printable Forever Calendar Coloring Pages! Each month features a different, fun image to color, and each calendar page is undated, allowing you to use this printable year after year!

Forever Calendar Coloring Pages

Forever Calendar Coloring Pages DIY Printables

Your kids, especially, are going to love using these printables to create their own calendar. Personally, I absolutely love how customizable it is. With each page being a coloring page, no two calendars will ever be the same. Color it all at once or color a page a month. And of course, the undated format allows you to print out and recolor your own version of this calendar year after year or month after month.

Featuring ice cream cones, cats, fish, snowmen, cupcakes and more! This coloring page calendar will keep the kids (or youself) entertained for hours.

You can print these pages on regular printer paper or use heavy-weighted cardstock to make it a little more heavy-duty. To recreate your own Forever Calendar, click the button below to grab the free printables.

We’d love to see photos of your finished project! Leave us a comment, send us an email or find us on Facebook and share your photos with us.

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5 thoughts on “Forever Calendar Coloring Pages

  1. Susan

    Thank you. The calendar is teriffic!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m happy to hear you like it! =)

  2. Cindy Keller

    Thanks so much for this calendar! Love the images to color!

  3. Joanna Bentley

    Great calendar, I’m going to ask my lite mindees to colour a page in each 😄

  4. ramana seesan

    Thank you, it looks lovely.

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